Free Market Revolution is a campaign lead by Students For Liberty staff and activists.



Managing Director

Aleksandar has been involved with the campaign since its inception in 2014. He has spoken on the topics of drug reform in 20+ countries and worked with activists in 50+ countries to help change the horrific consequences of the war on drugs.


Campaign Manager

Mariam is from Tbilisi, Georgia. She has been an organizer of #DoNotArrest movement and marijuana rally which have been launched against repressive drug policy and lead to the decriminalization of cannabis in Georgia.


Campaign Manager

Eric has been involved with Students For Liberty since 2016. He has worked directly with hundreds of students to reach thousands more with the ideas of individual autonomy and more effective, humane, and decentralized social governance.


Manasbi Poudel

Research & Blog Fellow

Manasbi is a student of Masters of Arts in Economics at Tribhuvan University. She is also a founding member and Vice president at the Society of Nepali Women in Economics and is currently working as a business consultant. She feels that it is the possibility of a free and open market that will help induce growth in the developing countries and wants to help achieve the goal in her region.

María José Bernal Gaviria

Campaign Coordinator Fellow

Studies economics with an emphasis in applied economics at EAFIT University in Medellin-Colombia. Intern at Asociación Nacional de Empresarios (ANDI). She is a Students For Liberty coordinator in her country and fellow of Centro de Estudios Libertad y Paz.

Aida Vazquez-Soto

Research & Blog Fellow

Aida Vazquez-Soto is a native of Tampa, Florida. She is an alumnus of the University of South Florida (B.S Quantitative Economics, B.A Political Science 2020) and the General Course Program at the London School of Economics (2019-2020). As the daughter of Cuban immigrants, Aida understands how markets can create opportunity and prosperity and advocates for markets and liberty.

Abdullah Tijani

Research & Blog Fellow

Abdullah Tijani joined Students For Liberty in 2018 as a Local Coordinator and is currently a National Coordinator in Nigeria. He won African Liberty Writing Fellowship in 2019. Abdullah is a penultimate student of Law at Usmanu Danfodiyo University and currently a Fellow for Free Market Revolution at SFL Global Campaign Fellowship.

John Nyangulu

Campaign Coordinator Fellow

John Nyangulu is an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Humanities (BAH) Student at the University of Malawi majoring in Philosophy. He is the founder and executive director of Manson Institute for New Development Studies (MINDS).

Nyasha Freeman Musikambesa

Social Media & Marketing Fellow

Nyasha is a global campaign fellow who is a resident of sub-Saharan Africa, Zimbabwe. He holds a Master’s degree in International Development. As a classical liberal whose sights are set on raising awareness on the need to respect property rights, he intends to roll out an online free-market advocacy initiative.

Walafy Silva

Campaign Coordinator Fellow - Brazil

Walafy joined the fight for liberty because he believes that it's the best path to reach happiness.

Luis Santis

Social Media & Marketing Fellow

Local coordinator of Students for Liberty Guatemala where he has developed several events focused on the freedom of speech, empowerment, and the free market. Undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration, artist, and producer. Passionate for marketing, the art industry, entrepreneurship, and the free market.

Apar Niraula

Campaign Coordinator Fellow

Regional free-market campaign coordinator, Global campaign fellowship, Local coordinator, Student for liberty, South Asia Paralegal practitioner, R.S. law firm, Nepal Final year law student, Kathmandu University School of law.

Uzochukwu Gerry

Campaign Coordinator Fellow

a Lawyer, a Geoscientist, an African Liberty Writing Fellow, and a Global Fellow on Free Market Revolution Campaign. He understands the world of liberty from an oppressor and an oppressed view and among the ideas of liberty, his passion is on individualism and the rule of law.

Regino Vazquez Rodriguez

Campaign Coordinator Fellow

Regino has a degree in financial administration with an international degree honors from the Tecnológico de Monterrey and a Master's degree student in business analytics from the University of Essex. Since 2014 he has been an entrepreneur in the private industry. In 2018, he founded the student group Students For Liberty Chapter Tecnológico de Monterrey.